Youssef Rzouga

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Youssef Rzouga (born March 21, 1957) is a Tunisian poet. He was born in Mahdia, a Tunisian coastal city.

His first writing to be printed was a short story in the magazine Radio et Télévision, in 1973.

Poems[change | change source]

  • I’m distinguished from you by my grievances (1979)
  • The program of the Rose (1985)
  • The Astrolabe of Youssef the traveler (1986)
  • The Wolf in the Word (1998)
  • The Country Between the Hands (2001)
  • Flowers of Dioxyde of History (2001)
  • Emergency Case Declaration (2002)
  • The Butterfly and the Dynamite (2004)
  • Yogana (The Book of Poetic Yoga) (2004)
  • Poetical Works (Volume I)… (2003)

Published books[change | change source]

  • The Garden and its surroundings (Aspects of the career of the poet Youssef Rzouga, 224 pages) By : Khaled Mejri and Chawki Anizi
  • Globalization and poetic Language in « Flowers of Dioxyde of History » by Maher Derbel and Abderrazek Kolsi.
  • The Troubadour of Modern Times, edited by Walid Soliman.
  • The Half-open Door, by Hafedh Mahfoudh.
  • Down with the mask, by Chamseddine Ouni.
  • The orchestra of the poet in « Emergency Case Declaration » by Houyem Ferchichi.