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Youthanasia is a CD released by the thrash metal band, Megadeth. The album was a success in Canada. The CD went gold in under 30 minutes.

Track Listing[change | change source]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Reckoning Day"   Mustaine, Dave Ellefson Mustaine, Marty Friedman 4:34
2. "Train of Consequences"   Mustaine Mustaine 3:31
3. "Addicted to Chaos"   Mustaine Mustaine 5:26
4. "À Tout le Monde"   Mustaine Mustaine 4:28
5. "Elysian Fields"   Mustaine, Ellefson Mustaine 4:03
6. "The Killing Road"   Mustaine Mustaine 3:57
7. "Blood of Heroes"   Mustaine Mustaine 3:57
8. "Family Tree"   Mustaine Mustaine, Ellefson, Nick Menza 4:07
9. "Youthanasia"   Mustaine Mustaine 4:09
10. "I Thought I Knew It All"   Mustaine Mustaine, Friedman, Ellefson, Menza 3:44
11. "Black Curtains"   Mustaine Mustaine, Friedman 3:39
12. "Victory"   Mustaine Mustaine 4:27