Yun Jeung

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Yun Jeung's Posthumous Appointment

Yun Jeung (Korean: 윤증 Hanja 尹拯, 1629-1714), also known as Yun Chŭng, was a Korean scholar, writer, politician, and Neo-Confucian philosopher of the Joseon period. The name he used for writing was Myeongjae.[1]

Early life[change | change source]

Yun was the son of Yun Seon-geo.[source?]

Career[change | change source]

Yun is part of the Silhak school.

Yun was a disciple of Kim Jip, Song Siyeol.[2] He was a political rival of Kwon Sang-ha.[source?]

Work book[change | change source]

  • Myungjaeyugo (명재유고, 明齋遺顧)
  • Myungjaeuiryemundap (명재의례문답, 明齋疑禮問答)
  • Myungjaeyuseo (명재유서)

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