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Jonatan Leandoer Håstad (born 18 July 1996)[1] better known by his Stage name Yung Lean is a Swedish Rapper known for wearing bucket hats.[2] Yung Lean released his debut mixtape in 2013 (entitled Unknown Death 2002). He has multiple singles on YouTube under his label Sad Boys Entertainment. These include "Ginseng Strip 2002", "Kyoto", and "Yoshi City". Lean released his debut album Unknown Memory during the late summer of 2014. This followed a two-month long American tour. The New York Times called him an up-and-comer in the rap world.[3] "A 17-year-old Swedish kid can rack up millions of YouTube views and SoundCloud plays without making so much as a ripple in the mainstream hip-hop world."[3] But he seems to have made more than a ripple.

Håstad was born in Belarus.[4] At age 3 he moved to Sweden.[4] At first he only spoke Russian. He learned Swedish but raps in broken English.[4]

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