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Yves Lambert

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Yves Lambert

4 June 1936
Died27 March 2021
EducationAerospace engineer
Alma materÉcole Polytechnique
French Civil Aviation University
OccupationFormer head of Eurocontrol
Known forHead of the Eurocontrol

Yves Lambert (born 4 June 1936 in Nancy) is a French aerospace engineer. He was head of Eurocontrol from 1994 to 2000.[1]

He was a graduate of the École Polytechnique (1956) and the French Civil Aviation University (1959).[2] Lambert has had a career in civil aviation[3] in Algeria and at the International Civil Aviation Organization.[4] He returned to France to be an air navigation director until 1993.[5]

In 1994, he was nominated head of Eurocontrol. He had this position until 2000.

Yves Lambert is member of the Académie de l'air et de l'espace and the Royal Aeronautical Society.[6]

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