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Zabardust Khan or Zabardust Khan Tanoli also known by his nick-name Suba Khan Tanoli (died 1797) was a chieftain of the Hindkowan Tanoli tribe, of Hazara region, in 18th century India.[1] This area is now part of North-West Pakistan.

Zabardust Khan was appointed a nazim (area administrator) in upper Hazara by the Afghan King Taimur Shah Durrani (or Abdali)[2] in 1775 or 1776.[3] Most local people then gave him the nick-name of 'Suba Khan' (means 'area chief') and he became known by this name. He was a good administrator at a very violent and bad time in history.[4] He tried his best to help people, ensure peace in his area and control prices of food and other goods.[5] For this reason, he is still remembered by people in that area today. They often go to pray at his grave[source?].

Zabardust/Suba Khan Tanoli died in 1797.[6] He is not to be confused with a Pathan soldier called Zabardast Khan, who fought at the Third Battle of Panipat.[7]

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