Zabul Province

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Almond trees in Zabul Province
Almond trees in Zabul Province
Map of Afghanistan with Zabul highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Zabul highlighted
Coordinates: 32°06′N 67°06′E / 32.1°N 67.1°E / 32.1; 67.1Coordinates: 32°06′N 67°06′E / 32.1°N 67.1°E / 32.1; 67.1
Country Afghanistan
 • GovernorMullah Bismillah Abdullah[1]
 • Deputy GovernorAbdul Khaliq Abid[1]
 • Total17,343 km2 (6,696 sq mi)
 • Total391,150
 • Density23/km2 (58/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Time)
ISO 3166 codeAF-ZAB
Main languagesBaluchi

Zabul (Pashto: زابل) is a historic province in southern Afghanistan. Qalat is the capital. About 275,100 people live in the province. The major ethnic group is Pashtun.

Districts[change | change source]

Map of the districts of Zabul province of Afghanistan.

Zabul is surrounded by Paktika and Ghzani provinces in the east, Urozgan province in the north, Kandahar province in west and southwest, and Balochistan state of Pakistan in south.

Around 800,000 people live in Zabul. Most of them live in Shahjoi, Arghandab and Kalat city.

Almond, grapes, apricots, wheat, and vegetables are the main agricultural products of Zabul. About 80% of the people are farmers.

The current[when?] governor of Zabul province is Bissmillah Afghanmal, son of Haji Mauladad Momand, born in Kandahar in 1976.

Districts of Zabul Province
District Capital Population[5] Area[6] Notes
Argahandab Sub-divided in 2005
Atghar 13,973
Kakar Created in 2005 within Argahandab District
Mizan 21,162
Naw Bahar 21,144 Created in 2005 from parts of Shamulzayi and Shinkay Districts
Qalat 36,560
Shah Joy 71,348
Shamulzayi 33,351
Shinkay 28,344
Tarnak Aw Jaldak 19,017

Transportation[change | change source]

In 2006, the province's first airstrip was opened near Qalat. It was for the Afghan National Army. The airstrip is not paved.[7]

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