Zayyanid dynasty

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Zayyanid dynasty
The Abdalwadid (or Zayyanid) dynasty (green), c. 1300-1500.
Capital Tlemcen
Languages Judeo-Berber, Mozarabic, Shilha, Tamazight, others
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Monarchy
 •  1236-1283 Abu Yahya I bin Zayyan
 •  1550-1556 Al Hassan ben Abu Muh
 •  Established 1235
 •  Disestablished 1556
Currency Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Almohad dynasty
Regency of Algiers

Zayyanids (Arabic: زيانيون‎, Ziyānyūn) or Abd al-Wadids (Arabic: بنو عبد الواد‎), or Banu Zayan, is the name of a Berber Zenata[1] dynasty in North Africa.[2] The Zayyanids, whose capital was Tlemcen(in modern day Algeria) existed from 1235 to 1556. They were also known as Abdalwadid.[2]

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