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Zeeshan (Zişan)
Meaning"Possessor of Splendor", "Moon", "Magnificent", "Brilliant"
Place of originIslam
Other names
Related namesZishan (Zişan) Zeshan

Zeeshan (Zîşan) is a Arabic name which comes from the words "Zee" (someone who has) and "Shan" (splendor).[1] It means a high-resolve (high standard of following what one plans to do) or a standard of high-status.

It may be written in Arabic as ذيشان or ذي شان. Both are valid forms. The first one is a compound word Zeeshan, and the second one is two words Zee and Shan.

The word 'Zeeshan' in Arabic is often used in poetry as an adjective, usually suggesting a meaning of magnificent, or possessor of high status. This name is often given to males in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iran, and among the Indian Muslims, & other Asian countries of the Greater Middle East region.

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