Zeng Guoyuan

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Zeng Guoyuan
Chan Hock Seng

DiedNovember 16, 2019(2019-11-16) (aged 65–66)
Cause of deathSuspected suicide
Other namesChan Hock Seng
Zeng Guoyan
Parrot Man
Zeng Guoyung (erroneous)
Political partyWorkers' Party (1991)
Independent (1991–2019)
SpouseHan Yizi

Zeng Guoyuan (simplified Chinese: 曾国原; traditional Chinese: 曾國原; pinyin: Zēng Guŏyuán; [tsə́ŋ kwǒ ɥɛ̌n]; 1953 – 16 November 2019), also known as Zeng Guoyan, Thomas Chan Hock Seng and, erroneously, Zeng Guoyung,[1][2][3][4][5] was a Singaporean businessman, philanthropist, politician, author, and acupuncturist.

He was known for running multiple times in general elections either under the Workers' Party or Independent and for dropping out of the elections in the last minute. He was accused multiple times of sexual harassment by his patients and was sued multiple times.[6]

In 2014, he was diagnosed with terminal melanoma. He was found dead on 16 November 2019 on a balcony in Singapore in a possible act of suicide, aged 66.[7]

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