Zeno (emperor)

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Semissis of Emperor Zeno
Roman Emperor of the East
1st reign29 January 474 - 9 January 475
PredecessorLeo II
2nd reignAugust 476 - 9 April 491
SuccessorAnastasius I
Co-emperors (in the West)Julius Nepos (474 - 480)
Romulus Augustus (475 - 476)
Bornc. 425
Rusumblada then Zenopolis, Isauria, Cilicia
(now Elmayurdu, Karaman, Turkey)
Died9 April 491 (aged 65)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Regnal name
Latin: Imperator Caesar Zeno Augustus
Greek: Αὐτοκράτωρ καῖσαρ Ζήνων αὐγουστος

Zeno (Greek: Ζήνων, c. 425 - 9 April 491) Was a Eastern Roman emperor from 29 August 474 - 9 January 475 (First Reign) and August 476 - 9 April 491 (Second Reign). Zeno had witnessed the fall of the Western Roman Empire along with the accession of Odoacer into italy.

His reign was pretty much plauged with domestic revolts and riots and later leading for his deposal and accession of Basilicus into the throne but nevertheless he was able to retake back the Eastern imperial throne and he was also credited for the stabilization of the Eastern Empire.