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Painting of Śramaṇa Zhiyi.
Other namesChen De'an (陳德安), Master Tiantai (天台大師), Master Zhizhe (智者大師)
Born16 February 538
Died3 August 597(597-08-03) (aged 59)
Lineage4th generation
Other namesChen De'an (陳德安), Master Tiantai (天台大師), Master Zhizhe (智者大師)
Dharma namesZhiyi
TempleWaguan Temple
Guoqing Temple
Senior posting
TeacherFaxu (法緒)
Huikuang (慧曠)
Nanyue Huisi
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese智顗
Simplified Chinese智𫖮
Korean name
Japanese name

Zhiyi (Chinese: 智顗; pinyin: Zhìyǐ; Wade–Giles: Chih-i; Japanese pronunciation: Chigi; Korean: 지의; 538–597 CE) also Chen De'an (陳德安), was an important Chinese Buddhist philosopher. Zhiyi is famous for developing a well developed philosophical system for Chinese Buddhism. He is also known for having made a big break with Indian Buddhist traditions.

According to David W. Chappell, Zhiyi "has been ranked with Thomas Aquinas and al-Ghazali as one of the great systematizers of religious thought and practice in world history."[1]

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