Zob Ahan Isfahan FC

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Zob Ahan
ذوب ‌آهن
Full nameZob Ahan Football Club
GroundFoolad Shahr Stadium
OwnerEsfahan Steel Company
ChairmanIran Asghar Dalili
Head CoachIran Mansour Ebrahimzadeh
LeaguePersian Gulf Cup
2009-10Persian Gulf Cup, 2nd
Current season

Zob Ahan Football Club Persian: باشگاه فوتبال ذوب ‌آهن is an Iranian football club based in Esfahan, Iran.

Season-by-season[change | change source]

The table below chronicles the achievements of Zob Ahan since 1973.

Season League Position Hazfi Cup Asian Cup
1973-1974 Takht Jamshid Cup 10th Not held Did not qualify
1974-1975 Takht Jamshid Cup 11th Not held
1975-1976 Takht Jamshid Cup 9th 1/8 Final
1976-1977 Takht Jamshid Cup 15th 1/16 Final
1977-1978 Takht Jamshid Cup 8th Not held
1978-1979 Takht Jamshid Cup did not finish Not held
1979-1993 N/A
1993-1994 Azadegan League 4th 1/8 Final
1994-1995 Azadegan League 8th* 1/16 Final
1995-1996 2nd Division 1st** 1/8 Final
1996-1997 Azadegan League 10th 1/8 Final
1997-1998 Azadegan League 3rd Not held
1998-1999 Azadegan League 12th Third Round
1999-2000 Azadegan League 5th First Round
2000-2001 Azadegan League 4th Final
2001-2002 Iran Pro League 6th Quarterfinal
2002-2003 Iran Pro League 8th Cup
2003-2004 Iran Pro League 4th Semifinal First Round
2004-2005 Iran Pro League 2nd 1/8 Final Did not qualify
2005-2006 Iran Pro League 6th 1/8 Final
2006-2007 Iran Pro League 8th 1/16 Final
2007-2008 Iran Pro League 6th 1/16 Final
2008-2009 Iran Pro League 2nd Cup
2009-2010 Iran Pro League 2nd Semifinal Qualified

* Relegated.
** Promoted.