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A Newfoundland dog.

The Newfoundland is a large breed of dog that originated in Newfoundland. They were first used by fishermen and sailors to carry goods and would jump overboard to save people from drowning. Newfoundlands are great swimmers because of their waterproof fur, their webbed feet and their strong muscles.[1][2]

The Newfoundland is a very large dog breed, standing 26–28 inches (66–71 cm) and weighing 100–150 pounds (45–68 kg).[1] The largest Newfoundland found was 72 inches (180 cm) long and weighed 160 pounds (73 kg).[3] Their coat of fur is usually long and a black, brown or gray color.[1] Their facial hair is very short. The head is very large and the face is smooth with few wrinkles.[4] The ears are long and wide, and reach below the jaw.[2] The neck is strong and muscular.[4] The Newfoundland's chest is large and wide with a large lung capacity.[1][4] Because Newfoundlands are excellent swimmers, their thighs are very strong and muscular and their feet are tight. Their tail is very strong and is important for them to swim well.[4]

Newfoundlands can suffer from a lot of health problems. They are the fifth most likely breed to have hip dysplasia.[5] Newfoundlands can have problems with cystinuria in a similar way to humans.[6] Newfoundlands can inherit subvalvular aortic stenosis, a trait which hurts the heart.[7]

Newfoundlands are known to be very gentle and loyal dogs.[3][4] Because of their protective nature for children,[3] Newfoundlands have been used as watchdogs.[1] They have very thick fur so owners need to brush it once a week.[3]

Famous Newfoundlands[change | change source]

Statue of York and Seaman on Quality Hill in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Adam: Seaward's Blackbeard: 1984 Best in Show winner at the Westminster Dog Show
  • Ava Marie : 2004 Best In Show aka "Josh" Granddaughter is a lifeguard in Goshen, NY
  • Bashaw (Matthew Cotes Wyatt): The Earl of Dudley's favourite dog, a statue by Matthew Cotes Wyatt is displayed in Victoria and Albert museum in London
  • Boatswain: pet of English poet Lord Byron - he created poem about him, "Epitaph to a Dog"
  • Bilbo: lifeguard at Sennon cove beach in Cornwall
  • Brumus: Robert F. Kennedy's dog
  • Brutus: first dog to complete the Appalachian Mountain Club's "Winter 48", climbing all 48 mountains in one calendar winter
  • Carlo: Emily Dickinson's dog
  • Charlie Erhart: Lyndon B. Johnson's dog
  • Darbydale's All Rise Pouchcove (AKA Josh): 2004 Best in Show winner at the Westminster Dog Show
  • Faithful: First dog of President Ulysses S. Grant[8]
  • Frank: Unofficial mascot of the Orphan Brigade during the American Civil War[9]
  • Gander: the Mascot of the Royal Rifles of Canada who was killed in action at the Battle of Hong Kong when he carried a grenade away from wounded soldiers. For this he was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal retroactively in 2000.[10]
  • Hairy Man: The dog who helped Ann Harvey and her father and brother rescue 163 people from a shipwreck
  • Luath: Landseer Newfoundland pet of J. M. Barrie and the inspiration for "Nana", the Darling children's nurse in Peter Pan
  • Mas: first Newfoundland dog to jump out of a helicopter in 1992 for the Italian Army[11]
  • Pluto: pet of the Croatian operatic soprano Ilma de Murska, which used to dine at table with her and was trained to eat a cooked meals.
  • Rigel: pet of first officer William Murdoch aboard the RMS Titanic. Murdoch went down with the ship but Rigel swam for three hours next to a lifeboat until it was rescued by the RMS Carpathia. Rigel is renowned as a hero alerting the ship's captain of the weakened survivors before the ship hit them. Rigel was adopted by crewman Jonas Briggs.[12]
  • Robber: dog of Richard Wagner who accompanied him on his flight from his creditors from Riga on a fishing boat, which inspired the opera The Flying Dutchman.[13]
  • Russ: last dog of Richard Wagner, buried at the feet of his master in the composer's tomb in the park of Villa Wahnfried in Bayreuth, under his own plaque: "Here rests and watches Wagner's Russ"
  • Sable Chief: mascot of Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • Swansea Jack: Famous Welsh rescue dog
  • Seaman: companion of explorer Meriwether Lewis
  • Yogi: John Madden's Newfoundland

Famous fictional Newfoundlands[change | change source]

  • Carl: pet of Teddy Armstrong of Anne Of Windy Poplars, by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
  • Crusoe: main character of The Dog Crusoe and His Master (1860), by R.M. Ballantine.
  • Curly: a minor character in Jack London's Call of the Wild
  • Jakob: hero and one of the main characters in the 1977 Slovenian movie Sreca na vrvici
  • Lou: companion to Officers Mahoney and Shtulman in the 1985 movie Police Academy 2
  • Mother Teresa: major canine character in the movie Must Love Dogs
  • Nana: The 'nurse' dog of Wendy, John and Michael in J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan
  • Pilot: pet of Edward Fairfax Rochester in Charlotte Brontë's classic novel Jane Eyre (1847), first described in chapter 12
  • Pollux: pet of Lieutenant William Babbington in Patrick O'Brian's novel Desolation Island
  • Rollo: Effi and Geert Von Instetten's dog in Effi Briest, by Theodor Fontane
  • Sirius: hero and companion of Maggie in Star in the Storm by Joan Hiatt Harlow
  • SONAR: The naval mascot, was “recruited” into the Canadian Forces Maritime Command in 2010 as part of the Canadian navy’s centennial celebrations.[14]
  • Tiger: companion of Arthur Gordon Pym in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, a novel by Edgar Allan Poe (1838)
  • Martha A major character in the Survivors series
  • Wendel: The Heroic dog from Cooke island reality TV show

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