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File extension: .rar, .rev, formerly .r00, .r01, etc.
MIME type: application/x-rar-compressed application/octet-stream
Developed by: Eugene Roshal
Type of format: Archive format

In computing, RAR is a patented[source?] archival file format that allows data compression, error recovery, and file spanning. It was created by Eugene Roshal (that is why it is named RAR: Roshal ARchive) and is now license to Win.RAR GmbH[1].

RAR File Archiver Software[change | edit source]

The following is an example of file archiver software by platforms. For a comprehensive list see Comparison of file archivers

Windows[change | edit source]

Linux[change | edit source]

Mac OS X[change | edit source]

DOS[change | edit source]

OS/2[change | edit source]

FreeBSD[change | edit source]

References[change | edit source]