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Islamic Empire During The Reign
Mohammad adil rais-Caliph Ali's empire 661.PNG
Commander of the Faithful
(Amir al-Mu'minin)
Full NameAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib
(علي بن أبي طالب)
Born(598-10-23)October 23, 598
(599-03-17)March 17, 599
(600-03-17)March 17, 600
DiedJanuary 28, 661(661-01-28) (aged 62)
Place of BurialImam Ali Mosque, Najaf, Iraq
FatherAbu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib
MotherFatima bint Asad
Brother(s)Ja`far ibn Abī Tālib
Aqeel ibn Abi Talib
• Talib ibn Abu Talib
Sister(s)Fakhitah bint Abi Talib
Jumanah bint Abi Talib
Umamah bint Zainab
Umm ul-Banin
• Leila bint Masoud
Khawlah bint Ja'far
• Al Sahba'bint Rabi'ah
Son(s)Muhsin ibn Ali
Hasan ibn Ali
Husayn ibn Ali
Hilal ibn Ali
Al-Abbas ibn Ali
Abdullah ibn Ali
Jafar ibn Ali
Uthman ibn Ali
• Ubaid Allah bin Ali
• Abi Bakr bin Ali
Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah
• Umar bin Ali
Daughter(s)Zaynab bint Ali
Umm Kulthum bint Ali
Other TitlesAbu Al-Hasan
("Father of Hasan")
Abu Turab
("Father of Dust/Soil)
("One Who Is Chosen and Contented")
("Lion of God")
First Alī

Ali ibn Abi Talib (‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib) (علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب) (Approximately March 17, 599- January 28, 661)[1] was an early Islamic leader. He was the fourth Sunni caliph and the first Shia imam.

The Prophet, Mohammad, took him as his brother in the pact of brotherhood in Medina, and he is said to be the first to accept Mohammed's teaching of Islam.

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