Argentine National Congress

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Argentine National Congress
Coat of arms or logo
Chamber of Deputies
Amado Boudou, PJ - FPV
Since Dec 10, 2011
Julian Dominguez, PJ - FPV
Since Dec 6, 2011
Seats72 Senators (List)
257 Deputies (List)
Senate last election
23 October 2011
Chamber last election
23 October 2011
Congreso de la Nación (in Spanish)

The Congress of the Argentine Nation is the legislative branch of the government of Argentina. It has two parts. There is a 72-seat Senate and a 257-seat Chamber of Deputies.

The Congress building is in Buenos Aires.

The Congress is in charge of setting taxes and customs. These must be the same across the country.[1] It rules the Central Bank of Argentina,[2] manages internal and external debt payment,[3] and the value of national currency[4] (currently the Argentine peso).

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