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Army Cadet Force
ACF Logo.png
Army Cadet Force Crest
Active1860 - Present [1]
RoleVolunteer Youth Organisation
SizeOfficers and CFAVs: 8,500 (2010) [2]
Cadets: 47,721 (2010) Detachments: 1,700 (2009/2010)[2]
HeadquartersCTC Frimley Park
Motto(s)To Inspire To Achieve
GOC Support CommandMaj Gen Rob Nitsch MBE
PatronHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II [1]
Colonel in ChiefHRH The Duke of Edinburgh [1]

The Army Cadet Force is a youth organisation in Great Britain, where members train in military skills.

It was founded in 1859, and had its official 150th birthday in 2010, marked by the Cadet 150 celebrations.

The ACF gives a lot of youth in the UK an ability to change their lives with the opportunieties it offers for the little money, they offer a lot of courses you can do on summer camps etc. for example the Summer Mountain Foundation Course (SMF) this is a CCAT course which is very cheap for the cadets to do and a challenge for them as well, a lot of these courses can be used in the civilian lives where they can be put down on their CV's.

in the army cadets you will progress through a rank structure which will improve the cadets team work and their thinking skills while they are under pressure.[3]

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