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US Ambassador's Residence, Dublin

The Chief Secretary's Lodge is a house in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland. It is also called Deerfield House or the U.S. Ambassador's Residence. It is used as the home for the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. The size of the property and the land around it is about 62 acres (25 ha). It also includes three cottages and a gate lodge.

The building was completed in 1776. It was built by Col. John Blaquiere, Chief Secretary for Ireland of the British government. He was also the bailiff of the Phoenix Park. It was used as the house for the Chief Secretary until 1922, when the Irish Free State was formed.[1]

In 1927, the American government started to use the building for the embassy and as house for the ambassador to Ireland. Later the embassy was moved out. In 1952, the American government improved the house and lands around it.

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