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2/11th Commando Squadron (Australia) marching 2 February 1945

A company is a military unit which usually has from 80 to 250 soldiers. A company is usually led by a captain or a major. Most companies are made up of from three to six platoons, although the exact number may vary by country. Several companies are grouped to form a battalion or regiment. In the United States military, before the September 11 attacks, companies trained in conventional warfare for basic offensive and defensive operations.[1] Since then companies have had to train for a much wider variety of tasks.[1] These may include humanitarian aid missions, providing security and maintaining order in an area.[1] Different elements in an army may assign different tasks or have different names for a company. For example, a corps of engineering such as the Royal Engineers use the term squadron for a company.[2] In other examples, the name company may be replaced by the name battery.[2]

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