Daska Tehsil

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Daska (Urdu: ڈسکہ‎, Punjabi: ڈسکا), is a small industrial city with a population of around 300,000 in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town has the status of Tehsil (Sub District) and is one of four Tehsils of Sialkot District. It is located at 32°19'60N 74° 20' 60E. Sufi Islam to recognize the role is very important. Imam Ali Haq Sialkot to conquer the saints and Sufis became the inflow.Syed Wali Shah (Rahmatullahi Allah) about 250 year ago came in Daska, He was spread the light of Islam through harmony / peace and love in Daska, majority of the local (SHEIKH / SAHI JUTT) population is known to convert Muslims. They first Mosque in Daska Babul Islam adjacent to shrine was established. In the Daska kalan shrine of hazrat Syed wali shah R.A . Now, his present Sajjada Nasheen Syed Tasawar Shah is great grandson.