Echuca, Victoria

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Echuca docks Stevage.jpg
Echuca's main landmark, the dock on the Murray River.
Population: 13,708 (2011)[1]
Postcode: 3564
Coordinates: 36°08′S 144°45′E / 36.133°S 144.750°E / -36.133; 144.750Coordinates: 36°08′S 144°45′E / 36.133°S 144.750°E / -36.133; 144.750
Elevation: 96 m (315 ft)
LGA: Shire of Campaspe
State District: Rodney
Federal Division: Murray
Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Annual Rainfall
22.2 °C
72 °F
9.3 °C
49 °F
428.4 mm
16.9 in

Echuca (/[invalid input: 'icon']əˈkə/ ə-CHOO-kə)[2] is a city on the banks of the Murray River and Campaspe River in Victoria, Australia. On the other bank of the Murray is the New South Wales town of Moama. Echuca is the administrative centre and largest town in the Shire of Campaspe. In 2011 there were 13,708 people living in Echuca.[1]

Echuca is an Aboriginal word meaning "Meeting of the Waters". [3] Echuca is close to the junction of the Goulburn, Campaspe and Murray Rivers. It is the closest point of the Murray to Melbourne. This meant it developed as a river port during the 19th century.

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