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Map of Fukui

Fukui (福井市, -shi) is the capital city of Fukui Prefecture in Japan. Its population is 262,245 people(1 July 2020) and land area is 275,381,842 square kilometers(1 October 2018).[1][2]

From the Meiji period, the silk textile industry was a big industry in Fukui, but it has declined after World WarⅡ. Today the main industries of Fukui are the textile industry and the chemical industry.[3]

Emblem of Fukui

Because Fukui prefecture is famous for dinosaurs, there are monuments of dinosaurs in front of JR Fukui station in the downtown of Fukui. Also, there are 186 cultural properties which include historical material, architectures, works of art, ethnic sites, scenic beauties, and cultural landscape.[4]

History[change | change source]

Fukui Castle

Fukui was established as a castle town in 1575.[1] The castle(Fukui-jo) was built by Shibata Katsuie. It has burned down because of the war with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but Yuki(Matsudaira) Hideyasu rebuilt the castle.[7] Fukui was called Fukui-han from 1600 to 1871.[8] In the late Edo period, before the Meiji Restoration(1868), the historical figures were active; The representative names are Matsudaira Shungaku, Hashimoto Sanai, Kusakabe Taro, and W.E.Griffis.[9] They have contributed to Fukui and Japan. From the 1890s silk textile industry became the main industry in Fukui. On 19 July 1945, during World War Ⅱ, Fukui was attacked by the United States, then the town was destroyed.[10] People in Fukui have reconstructed the town, but when they have finished to reconstruction, an earthquake(Fukui-jishin) destroyed Fukui on 8 July 1948.[11] The number of victims is 3,858 people. By supports from the Japanese government and other prefectures, Fukui has been reconstructed within 1 year.[11]

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