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Gilli "िगल्ली" -danda "डन्डा" is a game played by children in India and Pakistan. It is usually played by using a small round stick, about as long as a baseball or cricket bat. This is the danda. There is another smaller stick, round in the middle and sharp at the ends. This is the gilli . The game gilli-danda is similar to cricket. In this game what you have to do is, using the danda, to hit hard on the gilli. This causes the gilli to flip and when in the air you have to smack it like you are playing cricket. The one who hits the gilli the farthest will win.It has two teams. One uses to throw with the big danda and if another catches it then the players who threw with the big danda to gili then he gets out from the game. It was played in each state in the olden days around 1970 to 1980.