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Hu County (Chinese: 户县, pinyin:Hù Xiàn) is a county of Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. Qinling Mountain is to the south. Wei River is to the north. Chang'an District is to the east. Zhouzhi County is to the west. It covers 1,279.42 square kilometres (493.99 sq mi). As of November 2010, 556,377 people lived there.[1]

In Xia Dynasty (2100 BC - 1600 BC), here named Hushi Country (扈氏国), meaning "Hu family's country", it's the origin of Hu County. After changed some names, it named Hu Country (扈国). And in Qin Dynasty (221 BC -206 BC), "扈" changed to "鄠" in Chinese language, and then country changed to county. In 1964, "鄠" changed to "户".[2]

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