Jean de Noailles, 5th Duke of Noailles

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Jean de Noailles
5th Duke of Noailles
Full name
Jean Louis Paul François de Noailles
Born(1739-10-26)26 October 1739
Died20 October 1824(1824-10-20) (aged 84)
Henriette Anne Louise d'Aguesseau
(m. 1755; her death 1794)

Baroness Wilhelmine Justine of Mosheim
(m. 1796; his death 1824)
Adrien Paul Louis
Anne Jeanne Baptiste Louise
Françoise Antoinette Louise
Anne Paule Dominique
Angélique Françoise d'Assise Rosalie
Louis Gabriel
FatherLouis, 4th duc de Noailles
MotherCathérine Françoise Charlotte de Cossé-Brissac

Jean de Noailles, 5th Duke of Noailles (Jean Louis Paul François; 26 October 1739, Paris – 20 October 1824) was a French nobleman and was the fifth Duke of Noailles. He first became known for his efforts as a chemist which gained him the election as a member of the Académie des sciences in 1777. He was also a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Having emigrated in 1792, he lived in Switzerland until the Restoration in 1814, when he took his seat as a peer of France.

Marriage and children[change | change source]

His first wife, Henriette Anne Louise d'Aguesseau and the couple had several children;

  1. Adrien Paul Louis de Noailles (17 September 1756 – 7 September 1757).
  2. Louise de Noailles (11 November 1758 – 22 July 1794), who married her cousin the Viscount of Noailles
  3. Adrienne de Noailles (2 November 1759 – 24 December 1807) married Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
  4. A daughter (born and died 11 December 1760).
  5. Françoise Antoinette Louise de Noailles (3 September 1763 – 3 August 1788), Countess of Thezan du Pourjol.
  6. Anne Paule Dominique de Noailles (22 June 1766 – 29 January 1839) married Joachim de Montagu-Beaune, Marquis of Pouzols
  7. Rosalie de Noailles (1 August 1767 – 16 February 1833), married Théodule de Grammont, Marquis of Grammont.
  8. Louis Gabriel de Noailles (19 August 1768 – 26 July 1770).