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Jennifer Peña, (September 17, 1983) born in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a Tejano/Latin pop singer. At age 12, she sang at the Houston Astrodome as a tribute to Selena. Signed by EMI, Peña's first album was nominated for a Tejano Music Award, and after her second album, she appeared on the soundtrack of Selena and was nominated for a Grammy Award. She has since released two more albums, most recently Seducción, both of which have been successful.

Pena's former boyfriend, also a singer, was involved in an argument with singer Obie Bermudez after a multiple artist concert in Texas during the summer of 2004; the argument was apparently started by jealousy from her ex-boyfriend towards Bermudez.

During September of that year, Pena openly admitted to a magazine that she and the famous Puerto Rican rapper Bermudez have been having a serious relationship.