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The Association

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The Association in 1967. On the top row from left to right: Jim Yester, Brian Cole, Ted Bluechel Jr. On the bottom row from left to right: Russ Giguere, Larry Ramos, Terry Kirkman.

The Association is an American pop music group. It formed in California, United States in 1965. The group was formed by Jules Alexander, Terry Kirkman, Russ Giguere, Jim Yester, Brian Cole, and Ted Bluechel Jr. They have many popular songs such as Cherish, Never My Love, Windy, and Along Comes Mary.

Brian Cole died from an overdose of Heroin on August 2, 1972. He was age 29.

Larry Ramos joined the group in 1967. He died from melanoma on April 30, 2014 at the age of 72.