Lac Region

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Coordinates: 13°27′36″N 14°44′24″E / 13.46000°N 14.74000°E / 13.46000; 14.74000

The shore of Lake Chad on the coast of the Lac region
The shore of Lake Chad on the coast of the Lac region
Map of Chad showing Lac.
Map of Chad showing Lac.
Regional capitalBol
 • Total451,369

Lac is one of the 23 regions of Chad. Its capital is Bol. The region includes Chad's portion of the shore of Lake Chad.

The region of Lac is divided into two departments - Mamdi (capital Bol) and Wayi (capital Ngouri).

Economy[change | change source]

The region is the main agricultural segment in the whole country. They produce cotton and groundnut, the two main cashcrops of the country. There are a variety of local crops, like rice, also grown in the region.[2]

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