List of emperors of Austro-Hungary

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The empire of Austria-Hungary or Austrohungaria consisted of Two Monarchies: Austria and Hungary, Which lasted from the 1800s until 1918, it also Consisted of Albania (1916-1918) and Bohemia or Czechoslovakia.

List[change | change source]

1804-1918[change | change source]

Picture Name Reign Lifespan
Austria-03300 - Emperor Francis I (32554989380).jpg
Francis I 1804-1835 1768-1835
Ferdinand I; Keizer van Oostenrijk.jpg
Ferdinand I 1835-1848
Francis II Joseph I 1848-1916 1830-1918

1918-2011[change | change source]

Picture Name Reign Lifespan
Emperor Charles I of Austria.jpg
Charles I of Austria 1916-1918 1887-1922 (Portugal)
Portraits de Miklós Horthy.jpg
Miklos Horthy 1920-1944 (as regent) 1868-1957