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A magazine is a type of book people read. Magazines are not like regular books. This is because a new version of the magazine is printed many times each year. Magazines are a type of periodical.

They are called periodicals because versions are published at a fixed frequency. Magazines are printed on paper. People usually need to subscribe to them. An example of a magazine is Time. There are magazines about many things.

Magazines are similar to newspapers, but usually the time between new versions is longer. Each one costs more money, and many are in color on every page. Also, sometimes magazines come with little gifts to reward the readers who buy it.

Arabic Magazine[change | change source]

مجلة نفحات المدينة مجلة إسلامية تعليمية تربوية وهذا هو العدد الثامن وهي الذي يتضمن مواضيع توجيهية وتعليمية وثقافية ذات معلومات قيمة ومفيدة حول أشهر جمادى الآخرة ورجب وشعبان لعام 1444 هـ

Nafahat Al-Madina Magazine[1] is an Islamic, educational and educational magazine. This is the eighth issue, which includes guiding, educational and cultural topics with valuable and useful information about the months of Jumada al-Akhira, Rajab and Sha`ban for the year 1444 AH. Publish by Arabic Dawateislami Department of Dawateislami

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