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Map of overseas France.

France currently has five overseas departments (French: département d’outre-mer), which are departments (territorial divisions) that are outside the European part of the country. All are officially part of France, with the same political status as the departments in Europe; and are therefore different to overseas territories. They are also part of the European Union and use the Euro as currency. They are:

Current overseas departments of France
Flag Department Prefecture Region Since Instrument
Flag of French Guiana French Guiana
(French: Guyane)
Cayenne South America 19 March 1946 Parliamentary resolution
Flag of Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
(French: Guadeloupe)
Basse-Terre Caribbean 19 March 1946 Parliamentary resolution
Flag of Martinique Martinique
(French: Martinique)
Fort-de-France Caribbean 19 March 1946 Parliamentary resolution
Flag of Mayotte Mayotte
(French: Mayotte)
Mamoudzou Africa 31 March 2011 Referendum
Flag of Réunion Réunion
(French: La Réunion)
Saint-Denis Africa 19 March 1946 Parliamentary resolution

Since 2003, these departments are now officially called overseas regions (French: région d'outre-mer), but this name has yet to be widely adopted. Each region returns elected representatives to the Senate and National Assembly in Paris.[1] A total of three members are elected to the European Parliament to represent overseas France, including overseas departments and overseas territories.[2] Since 1974, these regions have had their own individual regional councils for local government.[1]

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