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SV Schwechat

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SC Germania Schwechat was an Austrian football club from Lower Austria. Today the club is playing under the name SV Schwechat in the Wiener Stadtliga (4th level).

History[change | change source]

The club was founded in 1907. Then ASK Schwechat (founded 1903) and SK Graphia Wien (founded 1899) decided to play together as SC Germania Schwechat. SC Germania Schwechat soon developed into a sought-after playing partner of the Viennese teams. After the end of the First World War Schwechat participated in Viennas championship and was classified into the 2nd class. In their first season 1919-20 they became runner-up behind SC Hakoah Wien. The next few seasons they each failed to be promoted to the highest league. Therefore some players left the club to play in a First League club which weakened the club. In the 1926-27 season the club was relegated and most players went to SK Neukettenhof wich was seen as successor club of Germania.

Name History[change | change source]

  • ASK Schwechat (1903–1907) and SK Graphia Wien (1899–1907)
  • SC Germania Schwechat (1907–1927)
  • SK Neukettenhof (1927–1934)
  • SC Germania Schwechat and Phönix Schwechat (1934–1945)
  • 1. Schwechater SC (1945–1979)
  • SV Schwechat (1979– )