Salamat (region)

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Coordinates: 11°02′24″N 20°17′01″E / 11.04000°N 20.28361°E / 11.04000; 20.28361

Map of Chad showing Salamat
Map of Chad showing Salamat
Regional capitalAm Timan
 • Total302,301

Salamat is one of the 23 regions of Chad. The region's capital is Am Timan. Half of the Zakouma National Park is in the region.[2]

Subdivisions[change | change source]

The region of Salamat is divided into three departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Aboudeïa Aboudeïa Aboudeïa, Abgué, Am Habilé
Barh Azoum Am Timan Am Timan, Djouna, Mouraye
Haraze-Mangueigne Haraze Haraze, Mangueigne, Daha

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