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Salarzais, along with the Kakazai and Wur, are one of the four clans of Tarkanis. Originating in Kunar province Afghanistan, there are around 8,000 members in the Babukarrah and Charmung valleys in Bajaur and 150 members in Bara Banda of Nowshera District in Pakistan. Charmang is situated in Tehsil Nawagi.All the Charmang Are SalarzaiTribe there are many clans living in Charmang Like Mahmood khel, Hilal khail,Khowaza khail,and many clans are there The village name are Chinar,Rai,Hilal khail, Manongai,Azgar,and many other Many people are having control in Chinar Hajji RahimUllah in Hilal khail,Haje Jamdale Khan and many other

The Khans of Pashat and Khar have some control over the tribe. A very renowned personality of this tribe is Affan Zia Salarzai, who has made a mark in international research arena.

Historically, agriculture is the primary occupation of the people but with no proper irrigation system they are at the mercy of seasonal rains. Many people are dependent on foreign remittances from family members working in in Karachi, the Middle East and other countries.

There are 10 villages in Salarzai Charai:

There are two village in Buner valley where you would see waterfalls charai and Laygani situated at the bottom of the Elam mountain. There are 50 to 60 families living in Charai village, the smallest & most beautiful village in buner valley.

Jowar Chawak is one of the 10 villages of Salarzai tribe.

Village Kinger Gali is one of the 10 villages of Salarzai tribe.The prominent sub-tribes are Karra Khel, further divided in Jugi Khel, Aziz Khel, Alladad Khel, Mahmood Khel and Lamghani (Laghmani), and Dallo Khel. Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan of Tonk state in India was a native of Alladad Khel tribe of this village, whom they remember proudly.

Bampokha is the 2nd largest village in salarzi region after jower. Dwelling two main kheils Sheikheil and qambokheil which is further devided to Adrali kheils, Qasim kheil, Zair kheil etc. The word Bampokha is consist of two sanskriti word Bam mean high and pokha mean build on,so its name means a place which build on high altitude.

Bampokha is very famous for its various kinds of precious marbles.

The inhabitants of the village of Nanser are tribe Khan Gali and Mastkhel. Both of Khan Gali and Mastkhel are famous for their furious nature. They were great warriors in the time of tribal age called the Pukhto age. Nanser is famous for games like cricket and specially mookha. They are very famous for their hospitality nature being pukhtoons. Nanser is famous for its tourist spot Bakhai where many springs do spring throughout the year. The greenery and forests of Bakhai give it further beauty.

Mastkhel are further divided into tribes of Ranra Khel, Zenoor Khel and Manawar Khel. The population of Nanser is about 2500 with 260 houses. The hujra system is still alive in the village.

Nanser is rich in its marble resources. It is specially famous for its black marble.

Katkala is the last village of the sub tribe Salarzee. It is bordered with AshayZee subtribe and has close relations with AshayZee sub tribe and GadayZee subtribe. It is the greenest part of the Salarzee subtribe, and has a population of about 4000 persons with a high school known as Government High School Katkal established in 1928, agirls middle school, a primary school and a private English medium school.

Unlike other villages of Salarzee. the people of Katkala don't play Mokha which is a local popular game. They are very good in cricket, and in hunting.

Bazargay lies in the center of Salarzai tribe. It is surrounded by beautiful natural views. The main Mingora-Sawari National Highway goes in the center of Bazargay. It is the only village in Salarzai tribe which is in a vast open area, all other villages of Salarzai are in mountains or very near to mountains. The people of Bazargay are divided in 2 main prominent sub-tribes Pitaw Khail (sub-tribes are Mazeed Khail, Akbar Khail and Tawus Khail) and Soori Khail. The Mukha-team of Bazargay is well-known and the only one which has many records in this field and also has above 12 Mukah-Cups. Mukha is the traditional Sport of Pukhtoon Nation. The hujra system is still alive in the village. Bazargay is rich in its marble resources.

Leagani is a village in Buner valley, at the bottom of the Elam mountain. Karakar is a part of this village. This village is the boundary wall between Swat and Buner, serving as the gateway to Buner valley.

Koohay is the side and small village of Buner nearly 4 km to south Bampokha. It is hundreds of years old. The village occupied by hills on three sides; only one side is open to bamokha side. After this village come choor banda and sar banda and darraha 7 km long.

Girarai is the side village of Salarzi it is away 4km from Jowar Chowak this village is more beautiful than other salarzi villages. The village occupied by hills on three sides; only one side is open to JOWAR side. The people of GIRARAI are very hospitable, religious, hardworking, brave and Peace-loving. Observing Islamic religious values, upholding tribal traditions and customs is their trait of life but they are equally mild-natured, enterprising, open-minded, outward looking, accommodative and peace-loving. They are divided in 4 main prominent sub-tribes 1)PITAW KHAIL (2)SORI KHAIL(3)DERI KHAIL(4)KHOWAR.