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Season (sports)

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In sports, a season is the part of one year that games of that sport are played. For example, in Major League Baseball, one season lasts about from April to September, that is the time of the year that baseball teams play their games.

There are four parts of the season, they are:

  • Pre-season - a time that teams often play exhibition games.
  • Regular season - the time that most of the games are played.
  • Post-season (or Playoffs) - the time after the season that teams often have a type of tournament to win a championship.
  • Off-season - the time before the season starts that teams prepare for the next season.

Seasons by League[change | change source]

Regular seasons of some leagues take place often in these months:

Regular seasons
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Australian Football League                        
Canadian Football League                        
English Premier League                        
Euroleague basketball                        
Major League Baseball                          
Major League Soccer                        
National Basketball Association                          
National Basketball League (Australia)                        
National Rugby League                        
NCAA basketball                        
NCAA football                        
National Football League                        
National Hockey League                          
Women's National Basketball Association                 During Summer Olympic Years During Summer Olympic Years    

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