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Shangluo in Shaanxi and China.

Shangluo Municipality (Chinese: 商洛市, pinyin: Shāngluò Shì, formerly known as "商雒"[1]), is a prefecture-level city in Shaanxi, China. It is in the southeast part of Shannxi. Shangluo covers 19,587.31 square kilometres (7,562.70 sq mi). As of November 2010, 2,341,742 people lived here.[2] The place is based on farming, forestry, Chinese herbology and gold mining.

Political divisions[change | change source]

The map of Shangluo

Shangluo is divided into 7 municipalities:

  1. Shangzhou District (商州区)
  2. Luonan County (洛南县)
  3. Danfeng County (丹凤县)
  4. Shangnan County (商南县)
  5. Shanyang County (山阳县)
  6. Zhen'an County (镇安县)
  7. Zhashui County (柞水县)

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