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Sky Sport News HD
Sky Sport News HD Logo 2016.png
The channel's logo from 1 December 2016.
Launched December 1, 2011
Owned by Sky Sport
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Slogan Alles, was Du wissen müsst. Und mehr.
(Everything, you need to know. And more.)
Country Germany
Language German
Broadcast area Germany and Austria
Sky Deutschland 200 (HD) & 250 (SD)
Vodafone Kabel 984 (HD) & 970 (SD)
Unitymedia 299 (HD) & 99 (SD)
Telecolumbus 67 (HD) & 913 (SD)
Vodafone IPTV 276 (HD) & 250 (SD)
Internet television
Official website Watch live (Germany only)

Sky Sport News HD is Germany and Austria's only 24-hour free-to-air sports news channel, owned by Sky Sport Deutschland.

The channel's format shows rolling news bulletins, updated every 15 minutes. It broadcasts live from 9am to midnight. There are three teams of presenters on air daily.

SSNHD launched on 1 December 2011, at midday. The first on-air presenters were Kate Abdo and Thomas Fleischmann.

In 2016 Sky Deutschland announced that the channel would a become free-to-air channel and would be streamed in Germany. The first free-to-air broadcast was a match between Mainz and Bayern.

The channel now has more content. Alongside rolling news, it also broadcasts highlights, documentaries and magazine shows, all relating to sport. It is only allowed to broadcast 12 minutes of ads every hour.

In 2017, Sky reduced the channel's broadcast hours bya three hours to fifteen hours.

On 12 March 2017, Sky Sport News HD started streaming its programming online on its website.

Presenters[change | change source]

News bulletins are always anchored by one man and one woman.

Men[change | change source]

  • Thomas Fleischmann
  • Andreas Poll
  • Noah Pudelko
  • Bjorn Schwernin
  • Gregor Teicher
  • Martin Winkler
  • Johannes Zenglein

Women[change | change source]

  • Silke Beickert
  • Anna Noe
  • Viola Weiss
  • Slyvia Walker
  • Claudia von Brauchitsch
  • Karolin Kandler

Live news prgrammes[change | change source]

  • 1/2011-12/2016: Nightline (1-7am), Guten Morgen Fans (7-9am), Nonstop (9am-Noon & 2-6pm), Mittagsreport (Noon-2pm), 360° (6-8pm), Prime Time (8-11pm) and 360° @ Night (11pm-1am).
  • 12/2016-6/2017: Nachtreport (1-7am), Vormittagreport (7-11am), Mittagreport (11am-2pm), Nachmittagreport (2-5pm), Abendreport (5-9pm) and Spätreport (9pm-1am).
  • From 6/2017: Nachtreport (12-6am), Frühreport (6-9am), Vormittagreport (9-11am), Mittagreport (11am-2pm), Nachmittagreport (2-5pm), Abendreport (5-9pm) and Spätreport (9pm-12am).
  • Special magazines: Inside Report (weekdays 6:30-7pm) and 08000 - du bist dr@uf! (Saturday 5-7:30pm).

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