South African cheetah

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South African Cheetah[1]
Cheetah Umfolozi SouthAfrica MWegmann.jpg
A South African Cheetah from Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.
Scientific classification
A. j. jubatus
Trinomial name
Acinonyx jubatus jubatus
(Schreber, 1775)
Acinonyx jubatus subspecies range.png
A. j. jubatus range (blue)

Acinonyx jubatus lanea
(Sclater, 1877)
Acinonyx jubatus obergi
(Hilzheimer, 1913)

The South African Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus), also known as Namibian Cheetah, is the nominate subspecies of cheetah native to Southern Africa. It is the most abundant subspecies estimated at more than 6,000 individuals in the wild. Since 1990 and onwards, the population was estimated at approximately 2,500 individuals in Namibia, until 2015, the cheetah population has been increased to more than 3,500 in the country.[3]

The South African Cheetah is the closest relative to the two other distinct subspecies, the Asiatic Cheetahs and the Northeast African Cheetah.[4][5]

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