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Coordinates: 18°12′0″N 73°45′0″W / 18.20000°N 73.75000°W / 18.20000; -73.75000
(Kréyòl): Sid
Gate Les Cayes Haiti.jpg
Entrance gate to Les Cayes
Country  Haiti
Capital Les Cayes
 - coordinates 18°12′0″N 73°45′0″W / 18.20000°N 73.75000°W / 18.20000; -73.75000
Area 2,794 km² (1,079 sq mi)
Population 621,651 (2003)
Density 222.5 /km² (576 /sq mi)
Subdivisions 5 Arrondissements
18 Communes
Timezone EST (UTC-5)
 - summer (DST) DST (UTC-4)
Area code +509
ISO 3166-2 HT-SD
Location of the Sud Department
Location of the Sud Department

Sud (English: South) is one of the ten departments (French: départments, singular départment) of Haiti. Its capital is Les Cayes.

Geography[change | change source]

The Départment du Sud has an area of 2,794 km².[1] It is bordered to the north by the Grand'Anse and Nippes departments, to the east by the Sud-Est Department and by the Caribbean Sea to the west and south.

The Massiff de la Hotte, an important Haitian mountain range, runs from west to east along the centre of the department. Because of this, rivers here are short; some of them are Acul du Sud, Torbeck, Ravine du Sud, de l'Ilet, Cavaillon, des Anglais, Port à Piment, Saut Mathurine, de Tiburon.

Population[change | change source]

The department had, in the 2003 census, a population of 621,651 persons: 312,729 men and 308.922 women, with only 109,623 (17.63%) living in cities and towns.[2]

Administrative division[change | change source]

The department is divided into five arrondissements (like districts) and 18 communes (like municipalities). The "arrondissements" and their "communes" are:

  1. Aquin
    1. Aquin
    2. Cavaillon
    3. Saint-Louis-du-Sud
  2. Les Cayes
    1. Les Cayes
    2. Camp-Perrin
    3. Chantal
    4. Maniche
    5. Île-à-Vache
    6. Torbeck
  3. Les Chardonnières
    1. Les Chardonnières
    2. Les Anglais
    3. Tiburon
  4. Les Côteaux
    1. Les Côteaux
    2. Port-à-Piment
    3. Roche-à-Bateau
  5. Port-Salut
    1. Port-Salut
    2. Arniquet
    3. Saint-Jean-du-Sud

References[change | change source]

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