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Stylistic originsNew Wave, glam rock, punk pop, soft rock, disco, pop, funk, electronic
Cultural originsLate 1970s/Early 1980s Germany, United Kingdom and Japan
Typical instrumentsSynthesizer - Drum machine - Tape loops - Drums - Guitar (in latter incarnations were added Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler)
Mainstream popularityLarge, worldwide mostly during early to mid 1980s
Derivative formsElectroclash, Bubblegum pop, Ambient pop
Fusion genres
Futurepop - Synthpunk
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Synthpop is a subgenre of pop music in which the synthesizer is the main musical instrument. An electronic music genre, synthpop is additionally influenced by rock genres such as New Wave music and punk rock, as well as disco music. It is most closely associated with the era between the late 1970s and early to middle 1980s, although it has continued to exist and develop ever since.