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Talent show

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Children performing at a Talent show

A talent show (or talent contest) is an event where people preform things like singing, acting, dancing, and other activities to show skills. Talent shows have become a notable genre of reality television.

Talent shows[change | change source]

Notun Kuri (1976), Star Search (1983), Soundmixshow (1985), Popstars (1999), Star Academy (2001), Idol (2001), Last Comic Standing (2003), Dancing with the Stars (2004), The X Factor (2004), So You Think You Can Dance (2005), Got Talent (2006), The Sing-Off (2009), The Voice (2010), Rising Star (2013), Tri Akkorda (Russian talent show) (2014), Masked Singer (2015), World of Dance (2017), The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018), All Together Now (2018) and The World's Best (2019).