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Allmusic at Allmusic

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Purpose[change source]

This template provides a convenient way to produce a link to an entry at Allmusic. The template can be used for any link to Allmusic's website, including the Other websites section or when citing it as a source.

Usage[change source]

Vertical layout
| class      =
| id         =
| label      =
| accessdate =
Horizontal layout
{{Allmusic |class= |id= |label= |accessdate= }}

Parameters[change source]

Parameter Type Description
class optional Class of information, possible are "artist", "album", "song", "work" or "explore". Value for this parameter corresponds part of URL "following www.allmusic.com/". Default is "artist".
id mandatory Identification of information. Corresponds to the part of the URL following "artist/", "album/", "song/", "work/" or "explore/". The text before the actual id with name of artist, album etc. can be omitted. (Example: For www.allmusic.com/artist/led-zeppelin-p4739 "p4739" is sufficient for id).
label optional Label to display the link, which defaults to the name of the article where this template is used.
pure_url optional Value of "yes" produces no label and no additional text but a "pure" standalone link. This is mainly intended for the automated migration of standalone weblinks, but can be used when linking to allmusic using {{Cite web}}, embedding {{Allmusic}} in {{Cite web}}.
accessdate optional Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wikilinked.

The template can also use a short notation by specifying the first three parameters without the parameter name (see example below).

Examples[change source]

Group or artist
  • {{Allmusic|id=p4739|label=Led Zeppelin}}

expands to 

Album (supplying accessdate)
  • {{Allmusic|class=album|id=r15973|label=News of the World|accessdate=Febuary 10, 2010}}

expands to 

Song (short notation)
  • {{Allmusic|song|t2454936|Dust in the Wind}}

expands to