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Important[change source]

When modifying this template, don't forget to update Template:Infobox album/link.

Usage[change source]

This is an auxiliary template which should be only used by the {{Infobox album}} template. The first parameter should be one of the codes from the table below, representing a type of album (parameter "Type"). The template returns the color that will be used.

Quick reference table[change source]

Code Color Display
studio lightsteelblue
Studio album by artist
demo lightsteelblue
Demo album by artist
ep lightsalmon
EP by artist
live burlywood
Live album by artist
greatest darkseagreen
Greatest hits album by artist
remix darkseagreen
Remix album by artist
box darkseagreen
Box set by artist
compilation darkseagreen
Compilation album by artist
mixtape darkseagreen
Mixtape by artist
soundtrack gainsboro
Soundtrack album by artist
film gainsboro
Film score by artist
video #99CCFF
Video by artist
single khaki
single by artist
song #E6E8FA
song by artist
other peachpuff
other by artist

Unit test[change source]

If at any time the Expected and Obtained columns do not match, this template can be considered broken. This table makes the template automatically check itself. If a YesY mark is seen, it means that self test worked fine. If there is a mark, it means the test failed. Whenever you make a modification to the template, please save the page, hit CTRL+F5, and check if all the self tests have passed. If you add a new type to the template, remember to add the type using this format:

| <nowiki>typename</nowiki>
| typecolor
| {{Template:Infobox album/color|typename}}
| {{#ifeq:{{Template:Infobox album/color|typename}}|typecolor|{{y}}|{{n}}}}

Replace typename with the new type name (in example, Epic soundtrack), and typecolor with the color assigned to the type (in example, brown). See Wikipedia:Colours and Wikipedia:Infobox colours for additional information.

Note: Sometimes the test may pass while previewing the page, but once saved the test would fail, no matter how many times the cache is cleared. In this case, please click this link to purge the cache. If that doesn't solve the problem, please post a note in the Talk page of the template and an editor will review the changes.

Code Expected Obtained Test
Studio album
studio lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Studio album lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Double album lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
[[Double album]] lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Demo album
demo lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
ep lightsalmon lightsalmon YesY
[[EP]] lightsalmon lightsalmon YesY
Live album
live burlywood burlywood YesY
Live album burlywood burlywood YesY
Greatest hits
greatest darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Greatest hits darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Remix album
remix darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Remix album darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Box set
box darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Box set darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Compilation album
compilation darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Compilation album darkseagreen darkseagreen YesY
Cover album
cover lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Cover album lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Tribute album
tribute lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
Tribute album lightsteelblue lightsteelblue YesY
soundtrack gainsboro gainsboro YesY
Television theme
television gainsboro gainsboro YesY
Television theme gainsboro gainsboro YesY
Film score
film gainsboro gainsboro YesY
Film score gainsboro gainsboro YesY
Video album
video #99CCFF #99CCFF YesY
dvd #99CCFF #99CCFF YesY
Other cases
peachpuff peachpuff YesY
xyz peachpuff peachpuff YesY