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This template provides the image name for the coat of arms of an Italian province for the standard province code (e.g. VT).

Usage[change source]

{{ProvinciaIT (coat of arms)|sigla=THE_CODE}}

Example[change source]

[[Image:{{ProvinciaIT (coat of arms)|sigla=NA}}|thumb]]


Provincia di Napoli-Stemma.svg

Valid codes[change source]

AG=Province of Agrigento
AL=Province of Alessandria
AN=Province of Ancona
AO=Valle d'Aosta
AP=Province of Ascoli Piceno
AQ=Province of L'Aquila
AR=Province of Arezzo
AT=Province of Asti
AV=Province of Avellino
BA=Province of Bari
BG=Province of Bergamo
BI=Province of Biella
BL=Province of Belluno
BN=Province of Benevento
BO=Province of Bologna
BR=Province of Brindisi
BS=Province of Brescia
BT=Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani
BZ=Province of Bolzano
CA=Province of Cagliari
CB=Province of Campobasso
CE=Province of Caserta
CH=Province of Chieti
CI=Province of Carbonia-Iglesias
CL=Province of Caltanissetta
CN=Province of Cuneo
CO=Province of Como
CR=Province of Cremona
CS=Province of Cosenza
CT=Province of Catania
CZ=Province of Catanzaro
EN=Province of Enna
FC=Province of Forlì-Cesena
FE=Province of Ferrara
FG=Province of Foggia
FI=Province of Florence
FM=Province of Fermo
FR=Province of Frosinone
GE=Province of Genoa
GO=Province of Gorizia
GR=Province of Grosseto
IM=Province of Imperia
IS=Province of Isernia
KR=Province of Crotone
LC=Province of Lecco
LE=Province of Lecce
LI=Province of Livorno
LO=Province of Lodi
LT=Province of Latina
LU=Province of Lucca
MB=Province of Monza and Brianza
MC=Province of Macerata
ME=Province of Messina
MI=Province of Milan
MN=Province of Mantua
MO=Province of Modena
MS=Province of Massa-Carrara
MT=Province of Matera
NA=Province of Naples
NO=Province of Novara
NU=Province of Nuoro
OG=Province of Ogliastra
OR=Province of Oristano
OT=Province of Olbia-Tempio
PA=Province of Palermo
PC=Province of Piacenza
PD=Province of Padua
PE=Province of Pescara
PG=Province of Perugia
PI=Province of Pisa
PN=Province of Pordenone
PO=Province of Prato
PR=Province of Parma
PT=Province of Pistoia
PU=Province of Pesaro and Urbino
PV=Province of Pavia
PZ=Province of Potenza
RA=Province of Ravenna
RC=Province of Reggio Calabria
RE=Province of Reggio Emilia
RG=Province of Ragusa
RI=Province of Rieti
RM=Province of Rome
RN=Province of Rimini
RO=Province of Rovigo
SA=Province of Salerno
SI=Province of Siena
SO=Province of Sondrio
SP=Province of La Spezia
SR=Province of Siracusa
SS=Province of Sassari
SV=Province of Savona
TA=Province of Taranto
TE=Province of Teramo
TN=Province of Trento
TO=Province of Turin
TP=Province of Trapani
TR=Province of Terni
TS=Province of Trieste
TV=Province of Treviso
UD=Province of Udine
VA=Province of Varese
VB=Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
VC=Province of Vercelli
VE=Province of Venice
VI=Province of Vicenza
VR=Province of Verona
VS=Province of Medio Campidano
VT=Province of Viterbo
VV=Province of Vibo Valentia