Toyota Hi-Lux

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1992 Toyota Hi-Lux

The Toyota Hi-Lux is a compact pickup truck sold by Toyota. Toyota has been building the Hi-Lux since 1968.

Sales[change | change source]

It was first called the Stout in the United States. The name was changed to Hi-Lux in 1969. In 1976, Toyota stopped calling it the Hi-Lux in the United States and sold them as "Toyota Pickups". The pickup was changed in 1995 for North America. Toyota sells it as the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma is a North American version of the Hi-Lux. It has some changes for the United States. The Toyota Hi-Lux is the best selling compact pickup truck[source?] and are known to never break down on the road.[source?]

The Finnish Army uses a lot of Toyota Hi-Lux cars because they are reliable and durable and can go on very bad roads where no other cars can go.