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Addressing my sockpuppetry & original block[change | change source]

While this account was created for sockpuppetry, the original account I had ever created was User:Dogeamainia21. This account was not very constructive, and I had edited for two days on there in 2016. I had created another account, User:THEFLAMINGNUKE, for a reason I cannot remember. However, while I was on this account I had decided that I had wanted to create an account for the purpose of sockpuppetry, this account. I do not know why I had wanted to, but I did. I had left it alone until March, when I had began to disrupt the project by blanking pages. I was blocked because of this. I was subject to an autoblock, so I could not edit until later, when, under the account, I had attempted to change this, however, I was stopped by an edit filter. For three months, from March until June, I had gained trust enough to gain the Rollback and Pending Changes Reviewer permission. However, I decided to admit that I was sockpuppeting, a checkuser verified that the account was mine, and I was blocked. From there, except for a small edit on my main account in 2018, I had left Wikipedia.

Addressing my return[change | change source]

Late in 2019, I had been anonymously editing, and decided to return to Wikipedia, and with that, I had requested an unblock. However, due to the anonymous editing I had mentioned earlier, I had been declined and restricted from making a new request for 6 months, so I had decided to go to Simple English to pursue a Standard Offer. I currently have made 2,000+ edits, as well as had Rollback (Removed at my request).

Addressing my talk page usage[change | change source]

While I was active at Simple, I had used my en talkpage as a sandbox to copy templates over, as well as requesting a Bot account I had created to be blocked to not be seen as a sleeper.

I understand what I did was wrong of me to do, and I ask for it to be forgiven and I may return to enwiki. Thank you for your consideration.

rollingbarrels (talk) 03:05, 9 November 2020 (UTC)