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General[change | change source]

Tharnton345 (talk · contribs), herein referred to as Tharnton, will be subject to a 3-month namespace ban and a mentorship with an admin either Synergy, Malinaccier or Tholly, herein referred to as Mentor

Rules[change | change source]

These are the rules that Tharnton will need to follow. If Tharnton breaks any of these rules, he shall be subject to:

  1. A warning.
  2. A final warning.
  3. Block/ban, community-determined length.

Namespace Ban Rules[change | change source]

  1. Tharnton will be banned for a period of three months (starting from when the consensus for this plan is approved and a mentor assigned) from editing the Wikipedia namespace. Exceptions will be made for VIP reports.
  2. Tharnton will also be subjected to a 3 month ban from the user talk namespace, with the exception of warning vandals appropriately.

Mentorship Rules[change | change source]

  1. Tharnton will not whine about trivial things like Christmas greetings or friends lists. We are here for an encyclopedia.
  2. Tharnton will not use profanity towards himself or others.
  3. Tharnton will follow NPA and not attack others' beliefs.
  4. Mentor will help Tharnton with content development, knowledge of policies (not to be edited, per above) and maturity issues.

Result[change | change source]

Hopefully, as a result, Tharnton will be a mature and civil editor.