Veveyse (district)

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Municipalities of the District of Veveyse
The coat of arms of the District of Veveyse

Veveyse District is a district in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. The capital is Châtel-Saint-Denis.

These municipalities are in the district:

Coat of Arms Municipality Population
(1 Jan. 2004)
Area in km²
Attalens Attalens 2441 9.82
Bossonens Bossonnens 1153 4.09
Châtel-Saint-Denis Châtel-Saint-Denis 4778 47.90
Granges (Veveyse) Granges (Veveyse) 671 4.46
La Verrerie La Verrerie 930 13.42
Le Flon Le Flon 875 9.54
Remaufens Remaufens 796 5.89
Saint-Martin Saint-Martin 861 8.75
Semsales Semsales 1027 29.39