You and Your Friend (song)

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"You and Your Friend"
Song by Dire Straits
GenreRoots rock, soft rock
Songwriter(s)Mark Knopfler

"'You and Your Friend" is a song by the British rock band Dire Straits and is the sixth track from the 1991 rock album On Every Street.

Release[change | change source]

The song was the fifth song to be released as a single. It was the final single overall released by the band. The single was only released in France and Germany.

Related interview[change | change source]

Mark Knopfler told in interview for "Musician": "I just liked the line. About the time we recorded the first record I had a song called "Me and My Friends." It was a Southern boogie thing about playing in the band. I never recorded it because it never really... "You and Your Friend" just has that thing. I like keeping it open for people to use in a way that they want. If you make it specific you spoil it. The song could be just a solitary cry for some kind of support — are you going to come around to my way of thinking? It could be sexual. One of the guys saw it as a complicated love triangle. It could be anything. But in fact that came from just the resonance of "You and Your Friend" instead of "Me and My Friends"."